A Trained Animal Professional is the Key to Success

At PIJAC Canada we strongly believe that a trained animal professional is the key to success. That’s why we offer seminars and workshops at all our trade shows and have been for 30 years. The National Pet Industry Trade Show in Toronto September 16 and 17 will be celebrating its 30th anniversary. This will be the perfect opportunity to discover this first hand if you haven’t already. The training sessions help animal business staff stay up-to-date with animal care and best management practices. As experts in the pet industry, our priority is to provide you with as many interactive training opportunities as possible across the country.

Jacynthe Lacroix, Member Services Manager, has been in charge of the Training Programs Department at PIJAC Canada for more than 11 years. She oversees a wide range of programs, helps and reunites industry professionals and encourages them to share their expertise. At trade shows, visitors can find a little bit of everything; from seminars on nutrition, first aid, grooming demonstrations, management and business, to market trends and statistics sessions. In addition to on-site conferences, PIJAC Canada, in collaboration with veterinarians and industry professionals, has developed its animal care training program. This program, which began in 1995, aims to help people who work with pets to increase and refine their knowledge, to help them provide the best care possible. Every year new programs are added to PIJAC Canada’s online platform. By offering web training, people can take the courses from any location in Canada with the same goal to provide better care for pets.

In addition to managing the programs, she also works to develop scholarship programs to encourage students to continue in the animal field. One of PIJAC Canada’s main goals is to continue to provide the resources, advice and best recommended practices in the industry, because we believe that animal welfare is everyone’s business!


Testimony by Serge Boutet, Agrologist
As speaker for the last 5 years for the PIJAC CANADA trade shows, I have been able to acknowledge the intense positive influence that this organization has always had on the Animal Industry. PIJAC Canada can offer the best shows in the Pet Industry in Canada with the National Pet Industry Trade Show, Expozoo and the Western Canadian Pet Industry Trade Show. Not only does PIJAC Canada ensure constant monitoring for the well-being and safety of our little companions but it also confirms through these shows, the possibility of creating and establishing important links between the various stakeholders in the community, being institutional, commercial or manufacturers.

As an agrologist expert in animal nutrition and consultant, the National Pet Industry Trade Show offered me an opportunity to connect with entrepreneurs and companies in the field in Canada and an exceptional exposure to share ideas and knowledge at conferences I had the chance to present over the years.

As an independent professional, PIJAC Canada offered this unique visibility that allowed me to serve this great pet industry family. The valuable business relationship between the PIJAC Canada team members and I has provided us with a unique and rewarding professional partnership and a high-level of integrity.

Thank you to PIJAC Canada for the privilege of being a member of the Great Canadian Pet Industry Family.