Animal Nutrition Seminar: Science and Emotion! How to navigate through it all without losing your mind!

Don’t miss out on this trending seminar presented during our National Pet Industry Trade Show in Mississauga, this coming September 15th by Agronomist, Sophie Lavallée. The seminar relates to the scientific process versus emotional component when pet nutrition is concerned. This presentation is mainly for pet stores and service providers who work closely with pet owners who are often concerned about what they read and hear about online. The goal of this seminar is to demystify and let pet professionals and pet owners have a more critical eye when information appears online. How to recognize and make the distinction between scientific facts that are based on proof and anecdotal stories that are so ubiquitous and misleading in the pet nutrition world. How we need science to go up against biased information. Examples on pet obesity, taurine deficiency and the link with the recent cases of cardiac disease (DCM) and grain-free recipes will be discussed through a scientific eye.

Sophie has a Masters in Animal Sciences and monogastric nutrition at McGill University – Macdonald Campus. She is passionate about pet food innovation with a research and development expertise of more than 18 years, in which 5 of those years spent exclusively developing new complete and balanced food recipes for cats and dogs. She is most interested in the scientific aspect of living creatures and the proper use of resources. Her active role in the marketing of new products and to improve renowned brands enables her to consolidate her knowledge on the subject. Now an independent professional, she offers consulting services for pet food startup companies to help them offer the best products that meet known nutrition standards.

Click here to register before places run out! Registration close Tuesday, September 10.