Award Winners at the Cocktail of Champions in BC

April 16, 2018, Richmond, BC – PIJAC Canada is proud to announce the winners of the 2018 Retail and Favorite Sales Representative Awards (Western).  The awards were handed out Sunday night to a crowd of over 200 at the Cocktail of Champions in conjunction with the Western Canadian Pet Industry Trade Show.

Lisa Nitkin of Pets West in Victoria, BC was the recipient of the Animal Welfare is Everyone’s Business Retail Award.  The award highlights the work of dedicated and passionate pet retail businesses in the areas of animal health, the promotion of responsible pet care, and community involvement to further the well-being of local pets.  For over two decade Lisa and her team have been educating their clients and helping countless not for profit agencies raise funds and find homes for pets.

The Favorite Sales Representative Award recognizes candidates from both the manufacturing and distribution categories. It focuses on reps who go above and beyond their every day job tasks to support their clients in their retails businesses so that they can effectively and positively serve pet families.

The winner in the Manufacturing category was Mitchell Cheng of Canadian Supreme Pet Foods (Canadian Naturals).  Mitch is well known for his unfailing generosity of time with clients and helping with any of their needs whether in store or at community events.  Clients know him for his dedication to their success and his passion for pet health.

The winner in the Distribution category was Lisa Slater of Kane Veterinary Supplies.  Lisa is widely recognized for her natural talent for teaching store staff both in-person, by phone and via the internet.  Her methods are known for successfully helping to build confidence in store staff and also positively engaging shoppers in store and the community. (Full description)

PIJAC Canada would like to extend congratulations to all the nominees, including, Jayce Bakun of Petcurean,  Jason Robson of Petcurean and Brenda Hredil of Kane Pet Supplies.  The dates for the nominations for the Favorite Sales Representative Awards and Animal Welfare is Everyone’s Business Retail Award at ExpoZoo and the National Pet Industry Trade Show will be announced later this spring.


The Pet Industry Joint Advisory Council of Canada provides leadership and communication between all sectors of the pet industry through resources, training, and advocacy to promote the highest level of pet care.

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Susan Dankert
Communications Manager
PIJAC Canada

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