Best Friend Apparel Launches The First Ever Winter Gloves Designed For Dog Owners

Who Said Walking Your Dog In The Winter Couldn’t Be An Enjoyable Experience

Toronto, ON (January 13th, 2019). Best Friend Apparel Ltd., is a forward-thinking lifestyle brand that is fairly new to the pet industry but is already proving to be a crowd favorite.  The brand, which is best known for their Walkease Gloves, which is the first ever winter glove designed for dog owners, is rapidly becoming a household favorite in Canadian and US households as the cold winter weather approaches.

“Our mission is to fulfill your pet product curiosity by providing high quality, functional and forward-thinking products fur any occasion”.  Says Cory Owens, Founder & President of Best Friend Apparel.  “As a fellow dog owner, we all know how easy it is to spoil our little fur babies.  Well, at Best Friend Apparel, we feel as though you deserve it too”

The Walkease Winter Gloves were the first product that came from Best Friend Apparel back in February 2018.  The product first came onto the scene through a Kickstarter campaign which resulted in 109% of its funding goal and a total of 225 pairs of gloves pre-sold before they were made available to the public.  The product is the first of its kind and designed to solve common issues all dog owners face while walking their dog in cold climates.  Some of the key features on the Walkease Gloves include the following:

  • Two poop bag pockets on back of each glove which can hold up to 4 bags
  • Synthetic grip fingertips on each glove provides ease in opening bags without taking your glove off
  • Smartphone touchscreen capabilities
  • Synthetic palm grip providing maximum grip while holding leash

“The idea came to me in the winter of 2017.  I was sick and tired of forgetting poop bags, having to take off my gloves in freezing temperatures to open bags, and my leash slipping out of my hands when my little furry friend spotted a squirrel”.  Says Cory Owens.  “I didn’t want to design a winter glove that was exclusively to walk my dog.  I wanted a winter glove with these key features but could be used in any occasion.  Shoveling my driveway, snowboarding, running errands etc.  I wanted a winter glove fur all occasions”.

The Walkease Winter Gloves are in their first winter season and have hit the ground running.  They have currently sold over 1,300 pairs across Canada and the US with the bulk of the winter season still to come.

To learn more about Best Friend Apparel and the Walkease Winter Gloves, contact Cory Owens at 416-729-4682 or by email at, or visit the website at