Shaking a Paw at Canadian Municipality Meet-Up

Advocacy is one of those areas you may not hear much about, until something goes sideways, however, for us, it is one of those areas where we are constantly in motion. Last week PIJAC Canada was exhibiting at the Canadian Federation of Municipalities Conference and Trade Show in Quebec City. Our goal was to meet up with as many municipal officials as possible to raise PIJAC Canada’s profile as a resource for them. With 52% of Canadian households caring for at least one pet, that is a lot of constituents with animals.

Our icebreaker was introducing our pet care training programs to Animal Control and By-law Officers, in particular, our new online canine behavior program, Dog Talk. The wonderful thing is, wherever we go, everyone loves to talk about their pets. We met people from coast to coast and spoke about local laws, health issues and the ever popular “how to get families to license their pets”.

What we are finding is that the rate of advocacy projects has certainly grown in the last 18 months at all levels of government, in particular, a shift in responsibility and animal protection, causing all levels of government to review how they oversee animal issues in their districts. PIJAC Canada is firmly rooted in collaborative problem-solving and is working with many agencies to ensure safe and fair laws remain a top priority, which is why we are active at the FCM event. We were even lucky enough to be positioned beside the Canadian Kennel Club and were able to pass information back and forth and send visitors to one another’s table becoming a type of impromptu pet corner at the show. Attending events and working with different agencies, helps PIJAC Canada to ensure your interests, both in business and in animal well-being are heard.