Canada just moved to make our animals a whole lot safer

PIJAC Canada signed a joint letter with our colleagues on the National Companion Animal Coalition, in support of passing Bill C-84 (an act to amend the Canadian Criminal Code with regards to bestiality and animal fighting) on June 4th.  We are happy to report that on June 21st the Bill was passed.  C-84 expands the definition of bestiality to include all manner of sexual assault of animals. Any person found guilty of the offence will be listed in Canada’s National Sex Offender Registry.  In addition, animal fighting now will be illegal.

More specifically C-84 will;

  • expand the scope of the offence of encouraging, aiding or assisting at the fighting or baiting of animals or birds so that the offence
  • includes promoting, arranging, receiving money for or taking part in the fighting or baiting of animals or birds, and
  • also applies with respect to the training, transporting or breeding of animals or birds for fighting or baiting; and
  • expand the scope of the offence of building, making, maintaining or keeping a cockpit so that the offence applies with respect to any arena for animal fighting.

While the Bill awaits Royal Assent, anticipated next week, those who have fought long and hard for its implementation can now take comfort in the knowledge that their collaboration with the government to modernize the Act has, at long last, been successful.  We sincerely thank everyone, political, professional and public who gave their time to make this happen.

Read a full copy of the National Companion Animal Coalition letter
The NCAC is comprised of the Canadian Veterinary Medical Association, Humane Canada, Canadian Kennel Club, PIJAC Canada and includes Agriculture and Agri-food Canada as an observer.