Cateco Odour-Proof Litter Box Launches in the US


PIJAC Canada Member Press Release

The Cateco® Odour-Proof litter box is available in the USA through Pet Food Experts!


Saint-Jean-sur-Richelieu, Canada – August 12, 2018

Canada Litter Inc., an industry-leading global manufacturer of innovative, high-end cat litter and accessories, today announced their revolutionary odour-proof litter box and complete Noba accessory line are available to the US market. The company, which has a unique, value-added approach focused on hygiene, ease of use and quality, has partnered with Pet Food Experts to ensure distribution to pet specialty locations in the United States.

“For us, the focus was not only entering the US market but doing it with the right people. In Pet Food Experts, we’ve found a strategic partner that we know will help us reach our full potential with such a discerning consumer base”, says CEO of Canada Litter Inc., Frederick Soares. “Over the past few months, we’ve had the opportunity to witness firsthand the value of working with their representatives, which has made us excited for the next steps”.

“We are very happy to be partnering with Canada Litter Inc. as they break into the US market,” says Antoine Seailles, Marketing Strategy Manager at Pet Food Experts. “At Pet Food Experts we are always looking to partner with brands that can offer reliable, quality products to the independent pet retailers we service and we knew Canada Litter Inc. could do that.”

Canada Litter Inc. has been in the pet-product business since 2003, always putting innovation and added value to the forefront of their conceptualization and manufacturing processes. Tightly-knit partnerships with their suppliers and all-Canadian manufacturing have helped them build strong relationships with clients and distributors of all scopes.

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