Earth MD Job Opportunities: Sales Representative

Job Description

We are seeking a sales rep for our pet nutraceutical line. We are currently in over 500 stores across Canada and are looking for a sales rep to help us expand domestically as well as internationally.
You will be expected to visit existing stores to educate staff and encourage sales, visit new stores to convince them to bring in our line and contact distributors in new areas to expand our sales area.
Growth opportunities are endless as bringing in new countries will mean more business, but also more travel opportunities.
The base salary is $35,000/year, plus a 10% profit share. This allows you to make more as you grow the business without having to have each sale linked to you like a commission. As you bring in more business your paychecks will also raise making it so your hard work is rewarded.
We will require in-person training, but other than that all work can be done from home, or by traveling to stores. This means there is no need to live locally, but a reliable means of transportation is required. No set hours, you can work whenever and wherever you want, so long as you are showing results.
We also offer discounts on our products as well as discounts at our pet food store and boarding kennel/daycare.
No experience required. The most important traits are a desire to learn, charisma, and a love for animals. You must also be able to travel domestically and internationally.
Great opportunity for advancement as if you grow the business enough that you can’t handle it alone we will have to make you a sales manager and hire reps to work under you.

*Please attach a cover letter explaining your passion for animals, why you believe you are good at sales and marketing, and what interests you about natural medicine. *

Expected start date: 2021-01-04

Job Types: Full-time, Commission, Permanent

Salary: From $35,000.00 per year

To inquire about this position, please contact: