Favorite Distribution Sales Rep Award Nominees (Ontario/Maritimes)


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Scott Corbett – Kane Veterinary Supplies

Scott is a fantastic resource – always willing to visit all our locations to talk to staff, keep us up to date on changes in the industry, how his products can help us grow and also what might work in our market. He even makes recommendations on displays and layouts that can help us improve sales. Scott answers all his messages almost within minutes, regardless of the time of date or week / weekend. He usually picks up the phone and calls all our stores if they have concerns and always willing to work with us on promotions and make himself available. He worked our table all weekend at a large trade event gaining customers for both his products and our store. He always makes time after hours to meet with staff or have late night meetings. Scott has attended numerous events for us in store, on weekends and spent his whole weekend with us working a busy trade show.

He has a fantastic attitude and is always positive and upbeat and ensures staff feel great when they make a sale. A very deserving guy who goes above and beyond in all his interactions with owners and staff

Phil Smith – Freedom Pet Supplies

Phil has a plethora of knowledge that is incomparable to other reps. To describe him as an encyclopedia of product knowledge would be an understatement. Phil always comes prepared with new products, new promotions, and all the reasons why we the product would benefit us as a store, as well as our clientele. Phil promotes products he believes in, and that makes a big difference in how a product is received, and no one could be a better pet product ambassador than Phil. Even while working as a rep, Phil has gone above and beyond to help identify and assess a customer’s problem, and then suggest possible products and practices that could remedy the situation.

Phil is always an email or a phone call away. Despite constantly being on the road working, Phil never hesitates to answer my questions and address my concerns immediately. Rest assured, no matter the issue, Phil will have an answer or a solution for you, and if he doesn’t, he will by the end of the day.

Twice annually, our store holds special events, which Phil never misses! As a team player, he always jumps right in, taking part in whatever ridiculous promotions we have going on, helping consumers find the right product for them, and always doing so with a smile on his face.

Phil is the best! We are always excited when he comes to visit our store!

Brian Hedges – Manchester Pet Products

Brian is one of those individuals that want to see everyone succeed. As a new store owner, I look to the distribution/manufacturers rep’s for support, and Brian is leaps ahead of the pack in regards to support. He drops in frequently and consistently advises of the products that may do well in my store, how I could layout the store differently for better sales and has an answer ready for any question I ask.

He visits my store regularly, long before I started buying from the distribution company he represents. It was a deciding factor to deal with the company as a distributor of mine, as I knew if he provided the support he provided before I started buying from Manchester, he would be a great fit for us, as we are learning the ropes of the trade. He goes out of his way to comment positively on other brands he doesn’t sell for but do well in my store.

I’ve only had 1 event since I opened last year, so I haven’t involved Brian (or any other vendor/rep) in the event.  Just an overall kind, informative, and gentle guy!