Favorite Distribution Sales Rep Award Nominees (Quebec)

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Chloé Langlois Dancose – Solutions pour animaux

Chloé is a good saleswoman. She believes in the products. She is there to make us shine, answer our questions and support us during promotions, activities and events. She is honest. She is easily reachable and enthusiastic to participate in projects or promotions. She knows how to maintain a good relationship with her suppliers and customers and she brings a good energy. Chloé knows how to talk to customers without scaring them and without denigrating other companies. It always brings a plus and the customers are very satisfied to be able to speak to a person even closer to the products and also passionate.

David Bernier – Gastronome Animal

David knows where the product comes from, to whom it is addressed and often knows the usefulness of the product according to the customer’s needs. David is always willing to suggest new sales techniques to increase our sales, new ways to place products in the store and where they will be better noticed by customers. This is important to us. David has always shown an interest in coming to an event, even if we have not yet had the opportunity to organize one. However, we will eventually organize an open house and he is already volunteering for that. When we make promotional offers as a gift to the customer, he always checks what else he can do to help us obtain a better price on the items we will give to the customer as a gift. We really appreciate her interpersonal skills, her smile and her knowledge. In our opinion, David is one of the best sales representatives.

Jocelyn Perreault – Gastronome Animal

Jocelyn always enthusiastically shows us animal products and explains them to us as well as the animal welfare. He is passionate about education. He takes the time to explain things to employees and even to clients to whom he makes presentations.

Jocelyn’s the best. He’d sell ice to an Eskimo. Very patient, helpful and understanding, he is always available and knows his catalogue from A to Z. He is always willing to send us samples of different products and gives us discounts to benefit customers.

Karina Bigonesse – Gastronome Animal

Karina’s enthusiasm drives me to try and recommend new products to my clients. Her smile and good humor are contagious! I am always happy to see her arrive in store. She always brings new ideas. Her support and follow up at the level of promotions is really exceptional. She’s the best Rep ever!

Lynn Mailloux – Gastronome Animal

Lynn is always there every four weeks and has our success at heart. She gives us regular promotions and offers training on certain products. She explains well the quality and the guarantees of her products. She comes and presents certain products to customers and gives samples during special days in store. Her positive attitude is contagious, her sense of humor is just as good. She will do everything in her power to help you out, accommodate you. I speak from experience. Lynn is also a dedicated representative, always ready to help us promote a product. She gives me lots of good stuff for sale … Lynn has a good energy and she is always in a good mood. We have a lot of fun working with Lynn, both when she visits the store and when she meets the managers. She demonstrates a great disposition to answer our questions and she works with us to present her products, highlight them through informative displays or through internal promotions. Always funny and happy, she puts love and color in our stores. She never insists too much and always takes time to talk with team members and see if we have any questions! Her goal is clearly to improve the presence of her products in our shops, but brought with a nice exchange of opinions and sales arguments. With Lynn, we feel listened and supported. She likes to learn from our experience and provides constructive feedback. She always takes all our feedback and she is very efficient in her interventions!

Michel Ferrero – Kane Vet Supply

Always smiling and in a good mood, Michel offers outstanding service at all times. He made us grow as a small independent shop! We can text him at any time and we will have a quick response and very good service. He’s never far from us.

Sophie Choquette – Pet Science Ltd

Sophie informs me about new products. She is always available and never shows up without an appointment. She’s professional. She responds quickly and communicates effectively. She’s not trying to sell me products that aren’t made for my store. She’s the best!