“Fear Free” at SPA Estrie

Animal Welfare is at the heart of PIJAC Canada’s business and we promote the highest level of pet care. This is why Stephanie Girard, PIJAC Canada CEO and Stephanie Renaud, PIJAC Canada’s Member Services Coordinator visited the SPA de Estrie’s new location in December. The new location opened it’s doors in September 2018 just outside of Sherbrooke, QC.

The site is very modern and bright and promotes the well being of all kinds of animals. The new location was carefully planned for to ensure that it met the highest standards regarding animal care. With more than 5000 animals staying at the SPA this was critical. In order to complying with all these standards, several overseas experts were consulted for advice in planning.

The main concept used in planning for the new centre was the concept of “Fear Free”. This concept is used in the new generation of animal shelters that are popping up across North America. This meant minimizing all factors that cause stress and fear the the resident animals of the shelter. 

All of the hard work and dedication put into planning for the new site are clearly visible from the unique ventilation system, unique examination rooms for cats and for dogs, and their new holding space which is twice as large as the previous. Even the colours painted on the walls and the music playing in the background were carefully selected to put the animals at ease.

If you are looking to support the SPA d’Estrie, consider visiting Operation Doux Refuge to donate to their fundraising campaign for the construction of the new shelter. Your donation supports the new centre which sees over 5000 animals a across 28 municipalities in the Eastern Townships and over 40 employees who are dedicated to improve the relationship between humans and animals in the region. 

A special thank you to Bruno Felteau, Director of the SPA de l’Estrie and the entire SPA team for showing both Stephanies the beautiful location. Congratulations on the new centre!

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