Animal Welfare Is Everyone’s Business

Welcome to the “Animal Welfare is Everyone’s Business page!”TM Every day, pet businesses throughout Canada help enhance the wellbeing of pets and pet families in a variety of ways. The purpose of this campaign is to highlight the great things Canadian pet businesses do to make a difference for animals in their communities. This page offers an opportunity for businesses to share their stories and inspire others.

We also works with partner organizations to promote their efforts in the name of pet health and the health of pet families.  Each year PIJAC Canada collects pet food and product donations at each of our four trade shows across Canada.  These donations are directed at local food banks and agencies that deal directly with pet families.  You can also read more about what the association does to impact the wellbeing of pets in Canada checking out our Helping Canada’s Pets page.

We have taken this idea and began to spread the word through the industry to retailers, manufacturers, distributors, vets, SPCA’s and municipal officials and the feedback has been terrific. What we need now are your stories. Please share this page and the campaign with your colleagues and clients. Also have a look at the upcoming Animal Welfare is Everyone’s Business Retail Award. Little actions can make a big difference.