PIJAC Canada’s statement on the responsible sale of pets

The Pet Industry Joint Advisory Council of Canada recognizes the important role pets play in our lives. Acquiring a pet must be done responsibly. The decision to acquire a pet should be an informed one.

The sale of pets must also be done responsibly. PIJAC Canada views the following elements as essential to contributing to and ensuring the responsible sale of a pet:

  • Seller ensures, to the best of their knowledge, that the pet he offered for sale is healthy;
  • Seller provides prospective pet owners with the information pertinent to the pet’s proper care and husbandry;
  • Seller makes all reasonable efforts to ensure the right pet is matched to the right owner;
  • Seller provides appropriate pre and post sale support to the new pet owner;
  • Seller is able to supply the proper food and advise the purchaser on the products and accessories essential to the pet’s welfare.
  • Seller maintains proper records as required by law