Honesty is the Best Policy with this New Dog Food


This year’s National Pet Industry Trade Show visitors were so impressed with  The Honest Kitchen‘s food that they won Best New Product for their new Whole Food Clusters.

We got in touch with Bonnie Dixon, Director of Canadian Sales and Lucy Postins, Founder & Chief Integrity Officer to learn more about their new Whole Food Clusters.


When will The Honest Kitchen’s Whole Food Clusters be available for purchase?

Our Whole Food Clusters are scheduled for launch in January 2019.

What health benefits do the Whole Food Clusters promote?

Whole Food Clusters are a healthier all-around alternative to conventional kibble because they’re produced from real, whole-food ingredients using a much gentler production method. Clusters are 100% human food grade, so they have a much higher standard of quality and safety testing – they’re actually produced in a human food production facility – and they are completely free of the unhealthy ingredients you’d find in old-fashioned, feed-grade kibble, like by-products, fillers and chemical additives. Since Clusters are gently produced using a combination of slow-roasting and dehydration, the healthy natural nutrients in the raw ingredients are maintained, which benefits overall health and wellbeing.

What was the inspiration behind the product?

We wanted to create a truly innovative new product that would bridge the gap between the dehydrated whole food diets we’re known for (which you hydrate with warm water to serve) and the convenient ready-to-eat format that most pet owners are familiar with. Clusters look a bit like granola; the pieces have a more rustic look than the smooth pellets most people feed, but they’re super-convenient to serve. They can be fed in their dry form or with a splash of water if desired. It was essential for us to create a truly unique-looking product, and above all, for it to be 100% human grade. We’ve invested a huge amount of time and resources to develop a state-of-the-art production line for Clusters in a human food facility right here in Southern California.

Are the Whole Food Clusters meant for Dogs or Cats?

Whole Food Clusters have been developed for dogs, but we plan to create and launch a feline version of the recipe very soon!

Congratulations to The Honest Kitchen on their Best New Product win, and thank you to everyone who took the time to vote!


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