How to Take Advantage of your Member Press Release Service

You have news, and PIJAC Canada wants to share it! Did you know that as a PIJAC Canada member, you can share your press release on our social media, blog, and newsletter for free? With thousands of followers, visits to our website and readers, your news is sure to get out into the pet industry! However, in order to share your press release, certain format guidelines need to be followed. As a trade association, PIJAC Canada must tread the fine line between sharing news and advertising for our members. Our goal is to promote your announcements, but not advertise product marketing and pricing. With the right formatting, PIJAC Canada can help promote your initiatives, changes in your company and other exciting news. We invite you to use this handy guide to help navigate you in the writing of your press release.

General things to remember:

  • Write as a reporter! Your text should be written in an objective tone and in the third person, outside perspective. Avoid using words like “I”, “Our” and “We”.
  • Your press release cannot include product pricing and images. However, you can include links where this same information can be found.
  • Keep it concise! Ideally, your press release should not be longer than a page. A 500-word piece with three to four paragraphs is the perfect length.
  • Make your headline catchy, but concise. Avoid jargon and “trendy” words where you can. Your title should get the readers attention and make them want to read more.
The Inverted Pyramid Method will be your new best friend:
Introductory Paragraph

Focus on the 5 W’s. Writing about the Who, What, Where, When and Why of your story will go a long way. Your introductory paragraph should capture all of these. Your first paragraph is essentially a summary of your story. If a reader could only read the first paragraph, they should be able to generally understand what your story is about. However, this paragraph should be interesting and catchy, so that the reader wants to continue reading.

Body of your story

This is where you will go into more of the details. Include interesting information about your news and supporting information. This is a good time to include a quote from a key person in the company. This quote also adds a more personal touch. Remember, you want to go into more detail, but you still need to keep it concise and to the point. The final paragraph of the body can resume your news and tie things up.

The “About” section

You may already have an “About the company” paragraph written on your website. It is important to tell the reader about your company in case they do not know who you are yet. This can include when your company was founded and where, what business you are in and what you do. This is also a good place to include a link to your website.

Media Contact Information

Your reader may have questions on your story and a reporter might want to pick it up for an article or broadcast. They will need to know who to talk to! Make sure to include your media contact information at the end of your release. Include a name, title, e-mail contact and phone number.

The End

To let the reader know that your press release is over and that there is no further information, end with a “###”, “-END- “or “-30-”. Theories of why this is used range from noting the end of the document when printing, to telegraphic shorthand to signify the end of a transmission during the Civil War era.


There you go! You now have the tools you will need to share your news! For years, PIJAC Canada members have shared the news of their mergers, brand acquisitions, new Executive Director’s, campaign launches and so on. This is a free service for PIJAC Canada members. Not only can you share your news, but you can also share job postings that will be shared to our pet industry network. We also encourage you to send a French version of your press release to reach out French readers and the Quebec market!

To take advantage of this member service, e-mail your press release and logo to