June Certified!

PIJAC Canada wants to shine the light on the individuals who take their education and training seriously. What better way than to showcase the ones who have completed certification by announcing it to all the industry! They should be proud because they took the time and received their PIJAC Canada Pet Care Training Certification this month. Here they are in no particular order:


Darcy Grass – Pets West Pet Supplies
Yunrong Ruth Seet – Central Bark Doggy Daycare
Athena Wong – Central Bark Doggy Daycare
Jessica Le – Central Bark Doggy Daycare
Kira Perepolkin – Central Bark Doggy Daycare

Kira Perepolkin – Central Bark Doggy Daycare
Cassandra Durand – Chico Beauharnois
Yann Genereux – Chico Longueuil
Kaytlin Brown – The Top Dog Store
Faith Maragliano – Western Dog Grooming student
Jennifer Sandover – Western Dog Grooming student
Jordan Moore – Western Dog Grooming student
Pouya Jalali – Western Dog Grooming student
Truman Walker – Western Dog Grooming student
David Cirpaci – Chico Beauharnois

Rose Pigeon – Animaux Bouffe
Patrick Boivin – Chico Bellefeuille

Vicky Martineau
Deavon Connell – Centre d’animaux Nature

Raphaël Dion – Albert & Moi Inc.

Danielle Neveu – Albert & Moi
Tania Duczak – Chico Vaudreuil
Pauline Prouff – Chico Longueuil