Member Spotlight: Avafina Pet Products

Kelvin DuBois, Owner

Avafina is a privately owned, Canadian distributor of high quality pet products located in BC. The company was founded about nine years ago when Kelvin DuBois left the distribution company he was working for because he wanted to start something better.  He knew that there were many high quality products on the market and he was on the hunt for the “best of the best”.

The biggest challenge for Avafina was getting their name out there. As a new distributor, becoming well known required hard work. Many of the lines that Avafina started with were pioneer brands and it was a daily grind to get in front of store owners to explain why the products, services and support that Avafina could provide would help them to be stronger independent retailers.

A huge accomplishment for Avafina was being the first Canadian distributor to bring in and distribute frozen pet food from the US. Kelvin wanted to make sure he was supplying food with high quality ingredients and nutrition. Their retailers can sell with confidence knowing that Avafina only supplies the best.

Michael Harrison, VP of Sales and Operations

Just like PIJAC Canada, Avafina stands up for animal welfare and they are in the pet industry for the love of animals. That is why their customers can expect the highest level of customer service, along with reliability, trust and integrity. Michael Harrison, VP of Sales and Operations says that “PIJAC Canada is an amazing resource for us when it comes to industry news, and the annual trade shows allow us, and our manufacturers, to reach ALL of our customers within a 2 day period.”
Avafina is a great example of a Canadian company that truly cares about animal welfare, after all, it is everyone’s business.