Member Spotlight : Oven-Baked Tradition

Winner of the Best New Product at Expozoo 2019

The PIJAC Canada trade shows are an opportunity for exhibitors to meet potential clients from all over Canada. Over two days, new connections are made, business deals take place and new products are discovered. Exhibiting PIJAC Canada members can showcase their new products in the New Product section, allowing visitors to make exciting new discoveries to bring back to their store. Visitors are asked to vote on both their favourite new product, as well as their favourite booth. We gathered our exhibitors and visitors during the cocktail hour at Expozoo 2019 to announce the winners for these awards. For the first time ever, both prizes were won by a single company… Oven-Baked Tradition! This Expozoo crowd favourite shared with us what made their displayed new products so special.

Oven-Baked Tradition displayed 5 of their latest products at Expozoo, giving visitors a variety of choices. In the food section, they displayed their Grain-Free Red Meat for dogs, as well as the Natures Code Urinary Care for Cats, game canned food for dogs and cats (rabbit, boar, quail and kangaroo). They also had some new treats available, including chew sticks for dogs, which came in 4 flavors (banana, apple, blueberry and strawberry) and their filets for dogs and cats. Oven-Baked Tradition chose to share these products with visitors because they keep innovation and creativity top-of-mind to offer retailers the opportunity of having functional new and interesting products in store for their customers.

These specialized products took over a year to get just right, and to meet the high Oven-Baked Tradition standards. In developing these products, they wanted to offer something innovative and different. They wanted to offer products that offer a solution. Being aware and that many dogs and cats are developing more and more sensitivity issues, they wanted to offer a larger range of proteins with their game meat canned foods and red-meat dog food. They also wanted to differentiate themselves with their treats by offering something different to get out of the monotony of standard treats. Finally, Their Natures Code Urinary Care food formula for cats comes with the solution of helping to support a healthy urinary tract for cats. It’s safe to say that Oven-Baked Tradition strives to stand out, and to offer products that will meet the needs of a wider range of cats and dogs. The Oven-Baked Tradition brand can be found in 22 countries around the world.

Congratulations to Oven-Baked Tradition on your big win at Expozoo 2019! We love to see a company that works hard meet the needs of even the most finicky felines and picky pups! We look forward to seeing what new products you will be showcasing in the new product section in 2020.