Member spotlight: Think Green with Peel Plastics Products

We recently had the pleasure of connecting with Sandy McGill, the Sales and Marketing coordinator for Peel Plastics. We spoke to the company about their history and the direction they are heading in.

Peel Plastics Products, a privately held Canadian company, has produced innovative packaging solutions for over 40 years. They offer a wide range of products specializing in the Lawn & Garden, Health & Wellness, and Pet markets. They currently produce pet packaging solutions for litter, treats and pet food. What they feel sets the company apart in the ever-growing pet industry is their commitment to partnering with their customers to create custom packaging solutions tailored specifically to their needs. “Among all pack materials, usage of flexible packaging is expected to grow the fastest in Canada at a CAGR of 1.6% over 2018-2023.” says Businesswire article

The manufacturing industry has seen change since the last decade. The business model of packaging companies has grown into a circular economy where initiatives to make accessible, reusable products are called for by consumers. Peel Plastics’ portfolio of Think Green solutions is a step in the direction of environmentally friendly packaging. Their portfolio includes bio-based material derived in part from sugarcane, a renewable resource, recyclable packaging designed using multi-layers of like materials vs. a mixed-material structure, and PCR (Post Consumer Resin) material solutions made in part from recycled bottle scrap. These Think Green pouches offer the same great features, formats, and protection as their mixed-material pouches. Peel Plastics has produced their Think Green portfolio of packaging solutions with zero compromise to production performance, product freshness and shelf appeal, while also contributing to a better and brighter future.

Peel Plastics Products continues to innovate and invest in the latest technology and is optimistic that in the future, all packaging will fit into the circular economy. In the meantime, the company continues to focus on partnering with their customers to deliver a consumer experience.

Peel Plastics has been a PIJAC Canada member since 2005. We are proud to have members like this company who seek to reduce their environmental impact by being innovative with green technology and packaging.