PIJAC Canada at the Gastronome Animal Open House in Montreal

PIJAC Canada was present at the 2019 edition of Gastronome Animal’s Open House, which took place on Sunday, April 28th, in Montreal! Participants met with our Membership Coordinator, Stéphanie Renaud, to discuss the organization, tradeshows, membership benefits, education programs, and the Canadian Pet Community Awards!

Gastronome Animal Inc., a long-time member of PIJAC Canada, is a Quebec distributor which distributes a wide range of products to specialized

retailers. They were kind enough to invite us to participate at their open house which was an excellent opportunity for industry players to tour their warehouse and take advantage of great deals and visit exhibitor booths, such as PIJAC Canada!

“The 11th annual Open House of the Gastronome Animal, which took place on April 28th , was once again a great success. The number of participating retailers experienced a good growth versus last year. A big thank you to all the retailers that were present! During the event, they were able to discover a multitude of new products, meet several influential people in the industry (coming from all over the world) and they will be able to benefit from extraordinary discounts that will allow them to make their store even more attractive to consumers. Thanks to all retailers and manufacturers for this great success.” – Pierre Gadbois, President / Owner, Le Gastronome Animal

For us, was a great opportunity to see familiar faces, as well as meet some new ones. This exclusive setting allowed for one on one conversations with members of our community which proved to be a terrific success for us.  Stephanie was able to welcome new members into the organization and share details about the exciting events that are happening in upcoming months, such as ExpoZoo, in Drummondville, QC this August 2019!

Here at PIJAC Canada, we love to get out and mingle with other industry players who share the same passion for pets and mission to improve their well-being as we do.  Thank you to the Gastronome Animal for including us in their weekend.