PIJAC Canada speaks at Pet Fair Asia

Shanghai, China was recently the epicenter for Pet Fair Asia 2019, one of the biggest pet industry trade show in the world in both size and attendance. This year’s edition has set new records for all previous numbers.  The highlight for PIJAC Canada was the special invitation for our President and CEO, Stéphanie Girard to join other business professionals on a special panel to discuss pet industry trends. Attended by 1000+ executives, the discussion was part of launching ceremonies for the brand-new Asian Pet Alliance, the first trade organization in Asia dedicated to the pet industry. “It was an honor to be present at the inception of this new association and to welcome a new colleague.”, says Ms. Girard. “Bringing businesses together, galvanizes the sector and helps to push the evolution of the industry forward.” 

Attending Pet Fair Asia was also a great opportunity to support exhibiting PIJAC Canada members. “It’s exciting to see homegrown companies expand and embrace new markets bodes well for our own pet sector, as branching out means greater returns at home.”

PIJAC Canada Members: (Clockwise) PLB International, Nutram Pet Products, Rolf C. Hagen Inc., Champion Pet Foods, MarCam Pet Nutrition

In just a few short months, PIJAC Canada will return to China to host its first Canadian Pavilion at the China International Pet Show (CIPS). Ten Canadian companies will be joining PIJAC Canada in November to represent Canada. According to Stéphanie Girard, ”These activities pave the way for export-ready Canadian member businesses to access global markets. Providing a platform via these trade shows fosters exponential expansion for these businesses, growing production and jobs within the pet sector. ”

PIJAC Canada is excited to continually explore new international markets and help its members expand their reach.