PLB International Turns 50

We are happy to share the following announcement celebrating PLB International’s 50th anniversary. Congratulations to the team at PLB on this milestone!


For more than half a century, PLB International has been dedicated to promoting animal health and well-being! Our mission is to offer superior quality, functional and personalized food products that meet the specific needs of pets. We want to help them live a long, happy, and healthy life!

We are particularly proud to have been the very first Quebec manufacturer in the pet food industry. Since day one, we have put all our energy into improving our practices and refining our products. Today, we are pleased to be able to distribute our product lines – 1st Choice, Pronature Original, Pronature Life, Pronature Holistic – in more than 35 countries around the world and to reach the heart of millions of consumers!

Proud of our family business, its corporate values and manufacturing process, we leverage the expertise of all our employees and partners, to bring exceptional, innovative products to market. We never compromise on the quality of the ingredients used in our products. Their freshness and origin are controlled to obtain particularly tasty, healthy and nutritious recipes. Our formulas are carefully developed by our team of nutrition experts to reflect current market tendencies and to be inspired by the latest trends in animal nutrition research.


A summary of our 50-year history:

Founded in Upton in 1969 by Mr Jean-Marie Brasseur, PLB International was formerly committed to the production of farm animal feed. In 1979, the company moved to Boucherville and since 1981, has been dedicated to the production of cat and dog food, becoming Quebec’s first manufacturer in the pet food industry!

In 1990, the 1st Choice line was launched. With its formulas adapted to the specific needs of animals, it becomes the first premium pet food in North America to use fresh chicken.

In 1993, the Pronature Original range was launched. Responding to consumer demand, it surpasses the quality of commercial brands, while maintaining a very competitive price.

In 1994, 1st Choice entered the international market, thanks to the first partnership with Japan, that was quickly followed by a breakthrough in Europe.

In 2009, the first generation of Pronature Holistic product line was launched. By 2015, the second generation entered the market. This superior quality range is entirely grain-free and is inspired by the healthiest international diets.

In 2018, the Pronature Life range was launched. Modern and trendy, made from fresh meat and superfoods, these “all breeds”, “all life stages” products aim to nourish differently. The “Fit – Green+” recipe was voted “Best New Product 2018” by the industry at the 20th edition of ExpoZoo 2018!

Finally, PLB International celebrates its 50th anniversary in 2019!


What makes us different:

Family spirit. All employees are part of the PLB family. The company promotes the know-how of people from the area and sustain job creation. Supporting many families in the community has always been a source of great pride!

Unique working environment. At PLB, an open and relaxed working atmosphere favours exchanges and teamwork. Each person finds his own place and can actively participate in reaching the common goal. The mission, vision and corporate values enable personal and professional development, allowing the family business to evolve. Employee happiness and integration is a priority, and PLB strives to facilitate work-life balance.

Strong social and environmental conscience. To always make business practices more sustainable and responsible, innovation is part of the daily challenges. We are also continuously looking for innovative ways to reduce as much as possible our ecological footprint, whether in our manufactory practices, responsible water consumption, energy and material recovery, etc. PLB International favours partnerships with companies who share the same concern for social and environmental responsibility, from the supplier to the distributor. Also, PLB is actively involved in the community by helping many organizations work for pets’ well-being. 

Forward-looking company. We work very hard to maintain high-quality standards. Our animal nutrition specialists, part of the Research & Development team, constantly monitor new industry trends to improve our products. It allows us to continue growing our portfolio with innovative recipes. This team does everything in its power to ensure that our brands meet consumer’s expectations and keep up with new findings in pet food research.

Thanks to the know-how and expertise of men and women in our region, we can maintain excellence and distinguish ourselves. It is an honour to be a Quebec family-owned company since 1969! We are proud to create more than 150 direct jobs and thus support many local families. It is with great pleasure that we offer you 1st Choice and Pronature, two superior quality brands dedicated to promoting pets’ health. Thanks to all the faithful cat and dog’s owners who have trusted us through all these years!

You can take a look at our 50th-anniversary video by following this link: