Press Release: bioDOGradable Bags on a Mission

bioDOGradable Bags on a Mission to Reduce and Prevent Single-Use Plastic Bag Pollution Globally

April 9, 2019 – Lake Forest, CA – beyond GREEN, LLC., the US based manufacturer and parent company behind bioDOGradable Bags has decided to expand globally in efforts to reduce and prevent single-use plastic bag pollution by offering their Non-PLA, Non-PE, Non-Oxo-Biodegradable, Certified Compostable Bags.

The Market is currently flooded with falsely advertised ‘environmentally-friendly’ products which cause the environment more harm then help. The miscategorization of so-called “biodegradable” bags is a case of industry greenwashing that has led consumers, and both public & private sector buyers & managers to mistrust eco-friendly claims, said Achyut Patel, operations analyst for BioDOGradable Bags. BioDOGradable Bags has been able to educate the public in their North American market on the importance of looking for proper product certification when purchasing an environmentally-friendly product. This, to evaluate misleading claims & to spread environmental education globally in hopes that public & private sectors will use true eco-friendly products in efforts to help reduce the global crisis of what is single-use plastic pollution.

Currently, bioDOGradable Bags are available for resale in ehe USA, Canada, Mexico, as well as India. An April 5th CBC Marketplace poll showed 82.5% of Canadians believe governments should be doing more to address the plastics issue. BioDOGradable Bags is imploring municipal managers cease the use of oxo bags in parks which contain up to 32% plastic and an additive that creates microfragments rather than truly compost or biodegrade. On Dec 12, 2018 the EU instituted a ban on oxo-degradable plastic: this term refers to plastic materials which contain additives that promote oxidation of that plastic into micro fragments. The majoirty of Canadian municipalities and parks still use this controversial pet waste bag technology despite evidence to the contrary.The town of Banff became the first Canadian municipality to attack the issue of micro plastic head on by ceasing oxo-plastic use and embracing the cradle to cradle technology of GREEN LLC and thus prompting a number of wilderness parks to begin testing bioDOGradable bags as well.

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