Reward Your Employees This Holiday Season

Your staff works hard year round to provide the best possible care to the pets that they work with. What better way to reward your staff this holiday season than to invest in their training and education? Investing in your employees will increase employee morale, decrease turnover, and increase profits! Check out these stats:

  • 74% of workers would value access to more development opportunities.
  • 7 out of 10 employees say that they are influenced to stay with a company if they are offered training and development opportunities
  • Companies experienced 24% higher profit margins when offering comprehensive training programs than those who invest less in training. 

Offer them a certification program so they can start the new year with added knowledge to better serve your clients. PIJAC Canada’s Pet Care Training Program is extremely affordable and accessible to ensure that Canada’s pets are receiving proper care. In addition, members even receive a free program! Believe in your staff this holiday season and give the gift of knowledge and confidence.