Stylish and Customizable Cat Habitat Launches Kickstarter Campaign

MONTRÉAL, QUEBEC, CANADA, May 7, 2020 – Cat trees are a popular staple among cat owners, but their rigid shape doesn’t always suit the cat, the owner, or the living space. These habitats are not only non-adaptable to different households, but they’re also outfitted with unhygienic carpets that create an unpleasant smell. That’s why the BeOneBreed team has launched a Kickstarter campaign for their alternative cat habitat, built using the feedback of cat lovers around the world.

With HabiKatt, BeOneBreed has designed yet again an innovative solution to enrich the environment of cats. Anthony Deraps, founder of BeOneBreed explains how HabiKatt stands out: “HabiKatt is a modular cat tree and can be customized to fit your cat’s needs. We used recycled plastic for the cubes and a mix of textures (faux wood, feather toy, paper rope and jute) for the accessories. Keeping the cat parent in mind, HabiKatt is also easy to clean and has a modern design. It was also important for us to design an affordable cat tree.”

The idea behind the crowdfunding campaign was to involve cat lovers around the world in this wonderful adventure. Backers from Canada, France, Belgium, US and more have reunited to support BeOneBreed, a Quebec company, in the creation of HabiKatt. BeOneBreed’s original goal was to raise $25,000 by May 28, 2020. However, they’ve reached their first goal in only one hour. The goal funds will go toward the final steps of manufacturing to make HabiKatt available to everyone.


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