The Canadian Pavilion – A Must at the Global Pet Expo

We are happy to report our Canadian presence at the Global Pet Expo this year.  At the end of February, APPA and PIDA successfully hosted this massive event despite global uncertainties at the time. The staff at Global pulled out all the stops to make guests comfortable and create a stimulating business environment.

PIJAC Canada hosted our first Canadian Pavilion of 2020 spotlighting 7 of our association members (Boréal Pet Food, Nutram Pet Products, Healthy Shores, 1st Meat, Hamro Village, PureForm Pet Health Supplements, GBL Pet Brands). Canadian companies are known for their innovative products and services that stand out from the crowd. The U.S market presents a great opportunity for Canadian distributors. In 2019, sales of pet products and services reached 95.7 billion in the United States. By participating in the largest trade show in North America, team Canada members had the opportunity to introduce their new products and to network with interested buyers. More than ever, the collaboration between PIJAC Canada and its members was in full force at the event held by our American neighbours.

Various activities, seminars and awards were on the agenda in a jovial atmosphere to facilitate business discussion between companies all over the world. Despite a travel ban due to the coronavirus outbreak (COVID-19), Global Pet Exp was able to host the show in a safe environment thanks to the precautions put in place by the organizers. More than 6,000 visitors were able to participate in the three-day event, including 78 countries who were able to take advantage of the sales offered by the exhibitors. The show was spread over 145,000 square feet with 3,541 kiosks representing more than 1,000 businesses.

In 2021, Global Pet Expo will be held in Florida from March 24 to 26th. PIJAC Canada will proudly continue to support our members in expanding their market reach by offering them a platform worthy of their products and services. We are proud to represent our members by helping them improve their experience across borders at international events.