The Importance of Customer Experience at Mondou

Stephanie Renaud, Member Services Coordinator, and Stephanie Girard, CEO had the pleasure of visiting long-term retail member, Mondou, a 100% Québec-based family-generated business that is celebrating their 80th anniversary this year! They met with Philippe Legault, Owner since 1983. Mondou is a Canadian leader in the distribution of products, services and accessories for the health and well-being of pets of all kinds. Mondou has grown to 67 stores across Quebec, as well as a major distribution centre. Mondou is a valuable PIJAC Canada member and because of their size and power within the Quebec industry, they have the ability to help enhance the well being of pets and pet families in a variety of ways. In fact, they recently donated more than $375,000 to the Mira Foundation. We are proud to call them a member!

Stéphanie Girard, Marie-France Dumont, Stéphanie Renaud, Philippe Legault

Both Stephanies visited the new Saint-Léonard store where customer experience is top notch. From the time a customer heads to Mondou to the moment they get home, Mondou has thought it through. They focused on design featuring wooden shelves to give a warmer and cozier feel, heated sidewalks to ensure the safety of customers and their furry friends, and strategically planned parking to limit incidents. They increased their services by offering free service such as a doggy wash station, pet scale, claw clipping and carry-out service at some of their stores. All of these factors, down to the scent of the store, have been carefully thought out to offer customers an exceptional shopping experience.

Stephanie Girard and Philippe Legault

In fact, the entire company works together in perfect synergy to ensure the best possible experience for customers. Our team went on to visit the head office in Anjou where they met with the Marketing and Finance teams where Philippe’s son and daughter both work. Here, they saw the many moving pieces that work together to create sustainable growth for family-run operation.

At the distribution center, both Stephanies experienced the logistics behind getting over 3000 different products onto the shelves of their 67 stores. In addition to in-store products, Mondou has a special section of the distribution center for online orders. At the time of the visit there was a flurry of activity as orders were being filled as a result of Jours fous Pile-Poil and Black Friday sales.

As you can see, Mondou has grown from humble beginnings, into a complex operation with many moving parts. With this, they have never lost their core mission of sharing their expertise and passion for animals with their customers. They invest in their community through the promotion and funding of causes and in their employees through continuous education with Mondou Academy and PIJAC Canada’s Pet Care Training Program . Because of this, Mondou continues to expand and provide an excellent experience for shoppers and their pets. A special thanks to Philippe Legault and the Mondou team for making PIJAC Canada’s visit possible and for their support over the years.

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