“This box is by far the best litter box I’ve ever purchased.” – Anita, Facebook Review


PIJAC Canada Member Press Release

The accolades keep coming for the AWARD-WINNING Cateco® Odour-Proof litter box!

Paris, France – October 5th, 2018

Canada Litter Inc., an industry-leading global manufacturer of innovative, high-end cat litter and accessories, is thrilled to announce they won the Gold Award (1st place) in the cat category for their accessory line at the 2018 Animalis Show/Animal Expo in Paris, France. A panel of industry influencers picked their Cateco® Odour-Proof litter box as the best innovation at one of the largest pet-product events in all of France.

“We obviously strongly believe in our products but getting this kind of validation – especially from people who are tuned into the latest trends in pet products – is a huge boon for us”, says Jean-Martin Verrault, Director of Marketing and Communications with Canada Litter Inc. “We’re excited to see where this could lead us in a market that has been very good to us in other areas of our business”.

Canada Litter Inc. has been in the pet-product business since 2003, always putting innovation and added value to the forefront of their conceptualization and manufacturing processes. Tightly-knit partnerships with their suppliers and all-Canadian manufacturing have helped them build strong relationships with clients and distributors of all scopes.

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Jean-Martin Verrault
Director, Communications and Marketing
(819) 218-8248 • jmverrault@canadalitter.com