Town of Banff switches dog waste bags – Now uses new organic home technology

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Town of Banff switches dog waste bags – Now uses new organic home technology
Oxobiodegradable no longer an acceptable plastic alternative

Vancouver, BC ( October 12, 2018) – The Town of Banff became the first municipality in Canada to change from using the now EU restricted oxobiodegradable bags common in Canadian municipalities and parks to BioDOGradable,  a whole new alternate plastic technology to further increase their leadership in environmentally responsible and sustainability practices.

On January 16, 2018 the EU ruled after extensive reviews of oxobiodegradable science and claims: “They [oxo bags] do not biodegrade and their fragmentation into microplastics causes concern. Taking into account these concerns, the Commission will start work to restrict the use of oxo-plastics in the EU.”, this excerpt taken from the European Commissions press release.

A cradle to cradle solution

The BioDOGradable bag that the Town of Banff chose uses proprietary and patented technology nowhere else available as the company has retained licensing rights to itself alone. Using corn flour(not starch) and vegetable oils, the BioDOGradable film has no synthetic components and is both solar & water resistant meaning the bag is extremely stable outdoors even when wetted for days therefore, no issues with rushing to the waste bin once pet waste is added to the bag. Furthermore, the BioDOGradable bag meets organic standards and has a zero trace foot print once composted fully. This makes the technology a cradle to cradle solution. Microbes consume the bags so BioDOGradable is also both aerobic & anaerobic and fully home compostable so municipalities using this bag do NOT require industrial compost facilities. The bag composts in an average 6 month period with a shelf life of 18 months.

BioCOMpet – indoor/outdoor electromechanical home waste all season composter also launched.

“This new composter further empowers eco-minded citizens to manage their own waste year round” says SportsFleets president Wil Tarnasky. The BioCOMpet is a 110v Energy Star rated unit that maintains 3 temperatures for organic only, pet only or vacation settings. Built from APPRO a class 5 recyclable, energy efficient and insulative material which enhances the controlled composting environment inside.  The BioCOMpet has an internal grinder, heat and material exchange system which is CPU controlled to automatically move the completed compost to a hopper to handle 5 lbs per day of food scraps or waste. The BioCOMpet converts waste to garden ready 99% pathogen free compost in 2 weeks. A larger commercial sized unit for parks is under development. Retail shopping will begin production this fall in a new US factory currently under construction.

About SportsFleets Ventures Inc Vancouver, BC ( October 12, 2018 . Since 2004 – The company focuses on distributing niche products focused on environmentally friendly materials, natural/organic content or with socially conscious merits.

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