Why be on PIJAC Canada’s Board of Directors?

It’s that time of the year again! PIJAC Canada has announced the call for nominations to join the board of directors. Every year, elections are held at the Annual General Meeting in Toronto in September, where members are voted in. As the voice of Canada’s pet industry, it is critical to have directors who are both industry savvy and knowledgeable about the well-being of animals and pet families. This is why we turn to our members to give them the opportunity to sit on our Board.

Craig Brummell, President & CEO of Essex Topcrop Sales ltd and Chairman of the Board of Directors

Sitting on PIJAC Canada’s Board of Directors is an opportunity to have a voice and a say in matters that affect the pet community as a whole. According to Craig Brummell, Chairman of the board, “Serving on a trade association board of directors is a noble cause. Without a full and vibrant voice from all avenues of an industry, we do not flourish to the full extent of our horizons. Your voice needs to be heard as you will be speaking for many others from your section of our greater trade.”

Directors act in the best interest of the association, keep informed on any aspect, purpose and way of operating of the association, discuss business matters and industry issues, sit on committees and bring value to the association in a multitude of ways. They put forward bold initiatives, challenge the status quo and protect the future of the pet industry.

Dino Fragaglia

Dino Fragaglia, President of Global Pet Foods and PIJAC Canada Board Director

Being a member of PIJAC Canada is beneficial in many ways and sitting on the board only adds to those benefits. One of PIJAC Canada’s Board Directors Dino Fragaglia, President of Global Pet Foods representing 185 stores across Canada shared “With all of our stores being members, we are kept up to date with all the current welfare status and are able to get the company involved in the welfare of animals across Canada, putting laws in place that will benefit all levels, from pets, to pet lovers and pet parents across the country. Being on the board adds to the benefits of being a member. It gives me the opportunity to give back to the pet community after being in the pet business for over 25 years. I feel blessed to be in this industry which has given me so much.”

Participating on the board isn’t all business. The board gathers three times per year, once at the Annual General Meeting and two other times at board meeting in January and June, but there are also other advantages to service beyond these meetings. Participating on the board allows you to meet new people, forge professional bonds, and create alliances that not only help your personal career, your business, but the industry as a whole. It gives you the opportunity to truly make an impact. “Our channel is unique and if you feel that you can help improve not only the welfare of animals, but the pet specialty throughout Canada, you should get involved. It’s a great opportunity to give back.” Added Dino.

With over 800 members, PIJAC Canada is an active player in an international network of pet industry associations and has been a strong and consistent voice for the Canadian Pet Industry since 1988. As a not for profit, member-based organization, PIJAC Canada advocates on behalf of the Canadian pet industry, while acting as a credible source of information and education for pet related businesses.

The call for nominations is open until end of day on July 18th. Visit website to find all the information and forms you will need to submit your candidacy. Still not sure? Do not hesitate to reach out to Lori-Anne Thibault, PIJAC Canada’s Executive Assistant for more information at:

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