A Recognition Program For Canadian Pet Stores

Demonstrate to your community that animal welfare is YOUR business area.

The Best Management Practices for Pet Retail provides guidance for all pet industry players who have the privilege of caring for our pets. The goal of the program is twofold. To support pet stores in their day to day operations and to educate consumers about care practices whereby opening the door for important conversations to take place. Businesses who chose to participate in the BMP program use it as a tool to demonstrate to the general community their health practices and their dedication to proper animal care.

How the BMP program works

Participants can access the program and make use of the Best Management Practices in their workplace. They sign a letter of attestation stating that they voluntarily adhere to the practices outlined in the program and will receive resources they can use to promote their care practices to the community in store and online. Resources include a Certificate of Engagement and window decal for in store use, as well as employee pins.

Sticking to the program

The great thing about this program is the information is accessible to everybody. Communities want transparency especially in the way animals are tended. Responsible pet businesses follow these basic guidelines as part of their daily operations. If a member of the public has a question they can also refer to the guidelines as provided by the participating business and PIJAC Canada. The onus is on the operator as he is the one that attest to following the BMP’s. Should any serious concerns arise regarding the welfare of animals in a business setting, issues are addressed through the proper authorities in that region such as SPCA or municipal enforcement.

Sign up

Currently the program is accessible to PIJAC Canada members only. For more information, please contact programs@gabrielsenn.com.