Aliments Mackenzie Inc. Announces the Acquisition of Karnivor

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Aliments Mackenzie Inc. Announces the Acquisition of Karnivor

Quebec leaders in natural pet food, Aliments Mackenzie is proud to add the brand Karnivor to its growing portfolio

Bromont, April 27, 2020 – Owners of the brands Faim Museau and Petit Muso, Aliments Mackenzie is continuing to reinforce its position on the pet food market with the acquisition of Karnivor, a pioneer in raw pet food in Quebec.

Aliments Alternatifs 2000 inc. and its registered brand Karnivor were founded in 1999 with the mission of providing animals with food adapted to their physiology and that aligns with their carnivorous nature. 21 years later, the brand is joining the Aliments Mackenzie family.

“Like us, Karnivor understands the importance of providing our animals with a healthy, biologically appropriate diet. Karnivor has always thought of the health benefits of their products for dogs as its greatest priority. With values mirroring our own and products already loved by consumers, the decision to add the brand to our family was an easy one,” says Sarah Gravel, CEO, Aliments Mackenzie inc.

“This new acquisition will allow us to further expand our position in the raw natural food market in order to benefit more dogs and cats. Karnivor has been a pioneer and advocate for natural food since the late 1990s. Some of the brand’s specialized recipes are incredibly popular among consumers and have contributed immensely to the health of dogs and cats throughout Quebec,” she concludes.

Sarah Gravel will be overseeing the Karnivor brand, and its products will be manufactured at the Aliments Mackenzie factory in Bromont, which uses the highest food safety standards of the industry in the production of all of its products which will now include the Karnivor line. The company will resume production in the coming days to secure supplies for the specialty retailers who currently distribute Karnivor products. The company’s new management also plans to double the number of retailers in the coming months. Loyal customers will be pleased to know that their favourite products will continue to be available through an extensive sales network.

From a strategic point of view, this acquisition is part of Aliments Mackenzie’s plan to broaden its expertise throughout the Canadian pet food market. Already owner of the Faim Museau brand, which produces raw food, recreational bones, and high-end treats for dogs and cats, the company is continuing its expansion in the natural food market by adding Karnivor’s specialized recipes to its repertoire.

About Aliments Mackenzie inc.
Aliments Mackenzie is a benchmark in the Canadian natural pet food market. Founded in Bromont in 2008 by Sarah Gravel, expert and coach in canine behaviour, the company produces and distributes high-quality raw food for dogs and cats under its flagship brand Faim Museau. Its mission is simple: to offer what’s best to our pets to ensure their wellbeing, their health, and their vitality.


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