Do your share for animal welfare! Earn your BMP Certificate

Are you a pet retail store looking to differentiate yourself from your competition? Do you want to proudly display your engagement in animal welfare? We have the program for you! PIJAC Canada’s Best Management Practices For Pet Establishments provides guidance for all pet industry players who have the privilege of caring for our pets.

The goal of the program is twofold. One to support pet stores in their day to day operations and two, to educate consumers about care practices whereby opening the door for important conversations to take place. Businesses who chose to participate in the BMP program use it as a tool to demonstrate to the general community their health practices and their dedication to proper animal care. Become a PIJAC Canada member today to enroll in this amazing program!

“I would encourage all pet store owners and managers across Canada to participate in this very important initiative. Together we can build a strong brand that recognizes and advocates for pet businesses that make a commitment to the Best Management Practices initiative. Animal welfare is everyone’s business. As pet store operators we need to raise the bar and let everyone know about the good work we do in our communities.”
-Robert Church, The Top Dog Store.

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