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JAYCE BAKUN: Petcurean
Jayce has been our MOST informative rep since the day we opened. He come to visit very often (the most of all or reps) even though we are a small shop who are 1.5 years open. He never leaves without SOME form of education moment on his food brands and once every 3-4 months he runs through them all to refreshes our minds. He always gives an upsell example for each flavor and SKU. Jayce responds to email and text instantly and will drop by on a moments notice when we need frequent buyer cards, questions on products or credits on products expired/returned. He is so helpful to us pushing his brand as he is passionate and supports it so well which has us support it. For every event we hold Jayce will credit enough food for us to create a donation raffle gift basket so that we have a great promo item to use and so that we can help market the charity we’re raising money for. He does this often. He’s very generous with his donations. Last year he gave us support to create a pride display and to sponsor on social media, just for our store to help market pride week which is important to us!! He’s very involved with us and community as it’s a huge part of our business. I don’t know how he can’t win. As a sales rep he is a 12/10 This man is unbelievable at his job and loves his company, products and clients!!! We adore him and he helps us so much!

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MITCH CHENG: Canadian Supreme Pet Foods
Mitch takes the time to come over as often as possible and is always willing to spend extra time each visit making sure there are no staff questions in regards to any food. He is willing to talk basic nutrition with anyone needing advice even if it doesn’t pertain to his brand. As soon as a new product is being launched he sends us all the information he has so that we stay up to date and ready to answer questions.  Recently, one of our local food banks lost their cat food supply from an unfortunate mistake. I phoned up a couple of reps wondering if there was anything they could help out with and Mitch’s quick answer was that he would go to the suppliers and see what he could do. The next day, he let me know that he was sending 15 – 20 big bags of cat food our way to donate to this rescue (who was beyond thrilled by this gesture). Mitch is always willing to come to our events and help out in any possible way. He comes early, helps with stocking and moving things around, willing to carry out products to customers cars, regardless of the brand of food being bought. Mitch is a wonderful rep who takes his job very seriously and ensures that he takes the time to remember every staffs name, making them feel more important in turn. He is always helpful for all in need and truly cares about and wants the best for each individual animal. His bright, cheerful demeanor affects my staff and customers when he is here (positively of course) and we always look forward to his visits.

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When he does a sales call at my store he talks to the staff on duty about products and anything new he has to offer or has learned. He doesn’t wait around to just speak with me. He engages himself with everyone around him at any given time, including customers. Jason is always available to take my calls. He has supported me in helping grow my business. He arrived on my doorstep the very day I took over the business. My background in this industry was very limited before I started. Previously being a distribution rep he helped me learn about a large array of products for me to sell. When he moved to the Petcurean food rep position I was not carrying the Petcurean line, but knew immediately I would be as I could not lose such an important individual in my life. He keeps me up to date on all he knows.  He is outstanding and is on my door step regularly. I expect I am far from being his top customer, but he never leads me to believe otherwise. If I need something he will be here to see me inside 24hrs. I always appreciated his diligence in respecting my time.  He helps me support fundraisers and causes I believe in with deals and products to grow recognition for my store and his product. He has many years of experience in sales and marketing and has given valuable suggestions for different occasions or modes to boost sales and keep me ahead. May 2018 will be 5yrs and for my success and reaching this milestone I owe many thanks to him.

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