Member Spotlight: Pretty Paw

PRETTY PAW is the creation of Canadian Fashion Designer, Josie Tecson, who was in the fashion industry for 20 years specializing in custom bridal jewelry.  She was frequently asked for designer jeweled pieces from her bridal clients so that their pets could be included in their weddings. In 2008, she launched Pretty Paw, which showcased a collection of jeweled signature designs that gained interest in the fashion world and introduced the Canadian brand to a global audience.

Josie Tecson & Asia-Blu

The birth of Pretty Paw’s Pet Ambassador – Miss Asia-Blu inspired Josie to create the ‘Designer Step-In Pet Harness’, which is the product they are now known for.  Asia-Blu had the tendency of pulling during their daily walks, which resulted in bruising around her trachea area.  She designed the functional harness to fit comfortably with a unique touch of fashion elements in every collection – “designer trends for your four-legged friends”. Pretty Paw always strives to consistently source and utilize natural materials that are unique and animal-friendly generating mass appeal within the Pet Fashion industry.

With every successful business, there comes challenges.  For Pretty Paw, this was trying to reach as many households as possible and offer a line of high-end quality designer pet products that were not only functional but affordable.  Most designer brands can retail for hundreds of dollars, which cater to a limited percentage of clientele.  Their main objective was to educate and inform pet owners of products that can offer great benefits for their pets.  In order to achieve this, they wanted to connect with retailers so that together, they could collectively get their message across to as many consumers.

“I evolved from the fashion world to the beautiful animal kingdom for the simple reason that pets touch our lives in a million ways, so we’ll do everything we can to make a difference one pet at a time.”

2018/2019 Cover Model

In 2012, Pretty Paw exhibited at their very first PIJAC Canada Trade Show in Ontario, which helped them acquire their first hundred stores.  Each year participating in PIJAC Canada’s shows, they continue to build relationships with their existing accounts and introduce their brand to new retailers.  Pretty Paw’s membership is important because it allows them to “stay connected with pet-related news, animal welfare and amazing causes that are close to our hearts”.

Pretty Paw celebrated a milestone with their 10 year anniversary in 2018 and has now grown to over 500 locations distributing their products independently.  For Josie, the transition from a Canadian Designer to a Pet Stylist is extremely rewarding, not only because she gets to see her designs in real life, but because she sees how her creation can help pets in similar situations as her Asia-Blu.



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