Quebec Pet Store Owners Meet this Week


This week, PIJAC Canada is participating in a meeting with a number of our member retailers and manufacturers and distributors from around Quebec. We were invited to participate in a meeting to discuss the City of Montreal’s proposal to legislate the adoption of shelter animals through pet stores, making shelters and rescues the only source available to pet businesses. With the August 20th vote quickly approaching, we were happy to be asked to participate in this initial information session. PIJAC Canada will be making available tools for pet retailers to use as they move forward with plans to oppose the proposed bylaw, helping them to engage their councilors, clients, and media.

While we support the pet adoption location format, we also believe that other models must also remain available where all sources are subject to the same high standards of care and best practice to have a system that is fair, and efficient. Currently, stores in Montreal are already licensed and inspected. Extending the successful system the city already has in place rather than tearing it down, will serve to strengthen pet protection and create a level playing field for all sources rather than narrowing to one. An all-encompassing approach will also uphold the consumer’s right to choose the species, age, and source for their pet. In addition, making it mandatory for sources to provide pet care education to all customers a condition of licensing will result in informed citizens and help reduce the number of unwanted animals in shelters, therefore, meeting the city’s goal of a decreased population within their municipality.

Being able to ensure the citizens of Montreal and other cities have access to the healthy pets they want and can get them from responsible, regulated sources is the ultimate goal. With 52% of households caring for at least one pet, the demand for animal companions is clear. Pet families are frequently looking for juvenile animals or specific breeds which are not available in shelters. The proposed model will not meet the demand of the pet owning public and will result in directing them to unregulated sources. Legislating all sources will ensure accountability, traceability, and support for pet owners.

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