TailBlazers Pet Stores gets greener by eliminating plastic shopping bags

Tail Blazers Pet Stores gets greener by eliminating plastic shopping bags

Vancouver, BC (March 09, 2020) – Tail Blazers Pet Stores has taken a Go Green leadership role in completely phasing out of plastic shopping bags.

Their new bags are made from 100% natural food-based ingredients which decompose at the same rate as banana peels, grass clippings and other common household organics.

The new GROW brand bag requires no special facilities and as an all-natural bags with NO added synthetics, it can be also composted in the backyard unlike any other bag.

GROW bags will degrade both aerobically (above ground/compost) and anaerobically (buried underground in transfer sites).

The Retail Council of Canada estimates that 40% of shoppers forget their reusable bags at their regular points of purchase. By choosing to use a replacement natural shopping bag, Tail Blazers continues to offer their customers shopping convenience and invites them to participate freely in the quest to be greener and consume less daily use plastic.


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