Why PIJAC Canada Members Are in Good Hands

At PIJAC Canada, our Member Services Coordinator is responsible for our most valuable asset… our members. For 12 years, Stéphanie Renaud has worked at PIJAC Canada and made sure our members have been in good hands. Through the years she has gotten to know everyone and loves to be able to help when they call.  “As a trade association, PIJAC Canada provides resources for pet businesses, and as the face of our membership department, I can make sure each person that comes to me gets the specific resource they need.  Some days that can range from introducing new businesses to each other to finding a parking spot at one of our shows.”, says Stéphanie.  She has made connections a priority, taking the time to learn about their unique operations, their team and even their families.

Stéphanie enjoys seeing our member’s passion first hand, especially when visiting each location. “Its always great seeing our people at the shows, but when visiting their stores there is a visible pride when they show us what they do.”  Taking the time to go see them in person helps to affirm our support for them, their business and their passion.”

Robert Mullan

A great example of this happened just this past month when Stéphanie and our new CEO Stéphanie Girard, visited four of our Quebec members to connect with them and gear up for another year of PIJAC Canada’s Membership Program. They  visited with long-time member  Robert Mullan and family from the Safari Pet Center in Brossard, Quebec , at one of their seven stores.

The adventure-themed store is quite the experience, featuring a life-sized pirate ship among a jungle themed setting. Both Stéphanies embarked on a journey through the jungle to see turtles, parrots, a variety of colorful fish, and much more.  We would highly recommend visiting the location for its uniqueness and fun!

Stéphanie Girard, Robert Mullan, Stephanie Renaud

A special thank you to Robert Mullan and his family for giving them such a wonderful tour of the store and for a being valuable member of PIJAC Canada.

Stay tuned to discover what other three members we visited on the road trip!