Edmonton Dog Boarding: 780 KENNELS Voted People’s Choice

Edmonton, Alberta, November 28, 2017  – Edmonton dog boarding standards have now been exceeded by 780 KENNELS adhering to Alberta’s Building Code for residential grade dwellings when building their new dog kennels. 780’s contemporary octagon dog kennel design also offers daily enrichment options for Edmonton dog boarding. Enrichment can include behavior, exercise, training or relationship – offered by 780’s B.E.T.R Boarding – facilitated by a Certified Master Dog Trainer living onsite.

Behavior standardizes daily routines with a “Sit” before feeding or using a door. Exercise can be private

dogs walks or utilizing the off-leash dog parks for a game of fetch or tug. Training covers basic to advanced obedience including agility or tracking. Relationship consists of 1-on-1 TLC! “Edmonton’s Dog Boarding Industry needed change”, said Adam Kidd, Owner of 780 KENNELS INC. “Being Voted People’s Choice confirms 780 services, amenities and staff met that need”.

780’s interior kennel design offers each guest private entrances, vaulted ceilings, large windows for natural sunlight & air flow, floor to ceiling puck board walls for privacy & soundproofing with a personal resting space & bed. 780’s exterior kennel design is detailed with a private exterior doorway for quick access to the outside exercise yard of country soil and grass.

“780 understands that every dog is unique”, said Adam.
780 does not support the concept of tours but the industry does. Instead, 780 promotes Dog Boarding Consults which help ease the dog(s) into the new kennel environment. “Dog Boarding is not stressful for dogs”, said Adam, “unfamiliar environments are” – which is why consults help – during the consult we have the owner, dog and staff meet and learn how best to provide future long-term care with B.E.T.R. Boarding options if necessary. It may take a 1/2 day, 1 or 2 overnights before the intended longer stay but the dog(s) are happier as is the client and 780. Whereas a tour leaves out one vital component…the dog. 780’s Dog Boarding welcomes all dogs; puppy to senior, small to large & insecure to confident.

780 KENNELS provides Dog Training, Puppy Classes, Dog Boarding, Dog Daycare & Grooming to the Edmonton area.


Adam Kidd
Owner/ Operator
(780) 887-8805


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